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At Across Borders Consulting we pride ourselves on supporting our clients in a flexible, insightful and customer focused manner.


With over 30 years’ combined experience in customs and trade within consulting, industry and government environments, Across Borders Consulting is ideally placed to provide you with expert, independent and innovative perspectives to enable optimised supply chain performance and drive better business outcomes. No matter what the service required we will tailor our offering to ensure we meet your needs and remove barriers to your company’s growth.

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Post Brexit Support

Companies with a trade footprint to, from and through the UK will need to focus on the impacts of Brexit on 2021 trade on their supply chains, putting in place plans to deal with these and ensuring continuity of their supply chain in a cost optimised manner.

Customs Audits and Reviews

Customs audits and reviews includes support in the event of a customs audit or for companies who wish to ensure their cross border supply chains are operating in a compliant and effective manner.

Customs and Trade Function

Customs and trade functions should have the ability to identify and implement duty saving opportunities and allow companies to manage their compliance obligations in an efficient manner.​

Customs and Trade Training

Ensuring companies have the requisite customs and trade knowledge to support their import and export operations. This will help to significantly reduce their risk exposure and identify cost saving opportunities.

Tariff classification

Tariff classification is critical as it determines import duty payable, any special permission or licencing requirements, special duty reduction program availability and free trade agreement applicability.

Customs Duty Optimisation

Customs duty optimisation can create a competitive advantage for companies with an international supply chain. Reviewing and understanding available opportunities should be front of mind for all companies.



Currently there is significant disruption in global trade as nations compete against one another with a series of increasingly protectionist trade measures. Planning and preparing for these is critical.

Other Areas of trade

While customs is fundamental for the cross-border movement of products, companies may also need to consider other areas of international trade such as export controls, excise, environmental taxes, etc.