Customs and Trade Function

Business Meeting

Ensuring companies have a customs and trade function that meets their requirements is critical in an ever more disrupted international trade environment. Managing and controlling a company’s risk in the area of customs and international trade is a fundamental part of such a function.
As such, these functions should ensure, and allow for the development of, appropriate customs and trade compliance frameworks in order to accurately, completely, timely and lawfully declare the movement of goods across international borders.
In addition, an internal customs and trade function should have the ability to identify and implement duty saving opportunities in a compliant manner.

We can assist companies of all sizes through: 

  • Assessing if processes and controls are fit for purpose with reference to business scale and import/export footprint; 

  • Provision of a bespoke Customs and International Trade Helpdesk solution to provide support to supply chain, customs, tax and other relevant internal functions; 

  • The development of customs and trade functions, staff, and processes and procedures in line with local, national and international legislative requirements; 

  • Monitoring and auditing; 

  • Training and support; 

  • Support with mergers and acquisitions; 

  • Leveraging business and other data to drive a more efficient business model.