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Customs Audits and Reviews

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In the event of a customs audit being raised on a company by the authorities, the first and most important step is undertaking a full review of the audit period (and other periods should issues be found) to ensure companies are fully prepared.


In addition, even without the raising of a customs audit, ongoing customs reviews are best practice for companies to ensure if there are any issues, they are dealt with in a proactive manner to reduce risks for companies. Ongoing periodic self-assessments are an obligation for companies with authorisations such as Authorised Economic Operator and requirements under Senior Accounting Officer in the UK and Co-operative Compliance Framework in Ireland. 

We can support you with regards to both proactive and reactive customs reviews through:  

  • Customs audits preparation and reviews; 

  • Health checks and risk assessments; 

  • Customs controversy management and queries from customs authorities; 

  • Smart SAD import declaration reviews, which are data enabled; 

  • Implementation of compliance programs.

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