Customs Duty Optimisation


There are often opportunities for companies to reduce supply chain and tax costs through the optimisation of customs duties and other international trade related overheads.
The first step of undertaking such a reduction in costs is having visibility to the true customs duties and international trade related overheads. Once these costs are understood, there are several programs and strategies that can be implemented to optimise these costs.
Cost optimisation of these areas can create a strong competitive advantage for companies with an international supply chain.  

We can assist you achieve the above through:


  • Support to quantify customs duty and related costs; 

  • Data analytics on customs data; 

  • Removal of trapped duties and import VAT in the supply chain; 

  • Tariff classification engineering; 

  • Tariff suspension/quota identification and implementation;

  • Implementation of customs special procedures (Inward Processing, Outward Processing etc.); 

  • Customs value/transfer pricing relationship optimisation; 

  • Free trade agreements identification and implementation; 

  • INCOTERMs suitability and execution; 

  • Support to obtain refunds for customs duty savings.